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Hi, I’m Kelly.

yogi + writer


My mission is to guide you towards a path of self-discovery, to empower you with the tools needed to align with your highest, most authentic self

I believe we all hold the power within to heal.

But sometimes we need a little guidance + inspiration along the way.

In my 8 years of teaching yoga (and a lifetime of being a student), I have cultivated a tool box of support:

Rituals I can turn to when I need to connect back to myself.

It is my passion to share these tools with you. To support you in connecting to yourself, to learn how to deeply listen to your inner voice, to relate to the energy around you, to receive the wisdom your body contains so that you can have authority over how you’re experiencing life

I offer 1:1 support for a more curated, custom approach (virtually and in person), as well as an online membership portal, Ritual Lab, where clients can access a library of practices (yoga, meditation, breathwork). You can find my current studio classes here

And as always, I am here should you need anything. 

With gratitude and grace,


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