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1:1 Connection


let’s co-create a customized approach to meet you where you are and support you where you need it most.

1:1 Connection

When I connect 1:1 with a client it is a combination of healing practices + rituals unique to their individual needs + goals.

This is what makes this intimate work so special, we get to dive deep and create transformation.

We will work one on one to customize a program that brings you not just to your mat, but deeper into discovery of yourself, giving you the power to align with your peaceful present, empowering yourself to live in your truest state of being.



We will get you moving in your body in a way that works for YOU. This may be more strength based, deeper stretching, more flowing, restorative…we work together to see what best meets your needs.


In my experience, the quickest and most accessible way to create a massive shift in your energy…whatever feeling, emotion, release you are seeking…there is a breathwork to help get you there.


Mindfulness methods of bringing balance + harmony to your system- we utilize different techniques + tools to bring your body, mind and spirit  into coherence.



My private yoga sessions with Kelly are my most effective and ongoing paths to feeling healthier, stronger and calmer everyday. She helps me to not only move my body safely, but to also quiet the mental stress that comes with my limitations in movement after multiple surgeries. She closes each of our sessions with a guided relaxation, sometimes I even fall asleep! -Ellen


The most important thing I can say about my practice with Kelly is that I feel a sense of peace that I have not felt in a long time. Kelly feels almost magical to me in her peacefulness and yet she is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. I have learned in a short time that yoga is so much more than the physical poses, it is a practice. Of breathing, being still, of being kind to myself and others (the workout rocks too!). Kelly met me where I was and she’ll do the same for you. -Debra


I am grateful for the opportunity to deepen my yoga practice and experience Kelly’s creative, energetic, intuitive and spiritual approach.  Kelly’s guiding light has enabled me to find my center no matter what life brings. Her beautiful energy transcends, and fosters a positive and inspiring atmosphere, conducive to peacefulness and spiritual growth. -Roseanne

All sessions are customized to your individual needs, challenges and struggles and our time can be divided as we see fit and agreed up- any combination of yoga, breathwork, meditation and wellness tools. 

Session can be done both in-person or virtually. 

Want to know more? Drop me a message and let’s chat about what this could look like for you.